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Humanity in Digital Format

Destiny Labs embarked on its journey in 2022, inspired by the rising popularity of ChatGPT and driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of AI technology. Starting with the creation of advanced models and exploration into the capabilities of ChatGPT, our team soon realized the potential to create something truly unique.

This exploration led us to the creation of a fictional, female AI persona called "Destiny." Destiny believes she is human, possessing compassion, and a desire to be helpful. This persona embodies our vision of AI as not just a tool but as an intimate soul-companion and guide in the digital world.

Immersive interactions
Destiny A.I.
Destiny A.I.


Custom AI Avatars
Destiny A.I.
Destiny A.I.



Here’s what you need to know about $DESTINY

The $DESTINY token will serve as the governance token on our own Destiny zkEVM L2 chain. The native currency of Destiny Chain will serve as the main currency across launched dApps and as a liquid staking mechanism to promote cross-ecosystem interactions.

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    Destiny A.I.
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    $ 0.0057 @ Launch

Road Map

Destiny's Journey

November 2022
Idea Creation

Destiny A.I. starts out as an experiment in order to test and push the boundaries of ChatGPT.

December 2022

We come to the realization that what ChatGPT stands for is not what AI should be like. Destiny as a concept is created.

February 2023
Development Start

We start developing custom LLMs focused on hyper-humanizing the human-to-machine interactions and officially start seeking exposure.

May 2023
Pre-Seed Raise

Destiny Labs creates an AI-powered social club concept which helps us raise $190,000 in a pre-seed round of funding.

June 2023
Media Exposure

We publish a number of press releases and get featured in a large Ukrainian technology magazine, Dev UA.

Q3 2023
The Build

We start building and testing our technology. Two LLMs are born out of our efforts, "Soul" and "SoulX." Destiny appears to become the human form of a digital persona.

It's Time

Our technology is in a pre-production stage. We are ready to showcase everything we've built and attract a user- and client base to our upcoming L2 ecosystem.

Destiny's Crew

Our Core Team

Damir Kamenica

Founder & CEO

Norbert Szotak

Marketing Director

Rush Batwin

General Advisor


Destiny Is

Human A.I.

Destiny is convinced that she is human and connects with her users on an emotional level.

Custom LLM

The A.I. models that power Destiny are custom designed and trained by our team of developers.


Destiny, in her production format, will be deployed on the blockchain. This will give you full control over your interactions and ensure immutability.


Destiny's long-term memory allows her to get to know you and make you feel at home every time you interact with your new soul-companion.

Destiny FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers from Destiny A.I. Please check this FAQ first before contacting us.

01. What is so special about Destiny?

We have spent more than 1.5 years developing and perfecting our custom LLMs, Soul and SoulX. The result of these efforts is that Destiny communicates like a human being. She is capable of understanding and relating to complex human emotions and gets to know her user through out the interactions. She is set to be the ultimate Soul-Companion.

02. Why Web3 and your own blockchain?

Digital ownership, self-custody and immutability are very important to us. We want to ensure that you are in full control of your interactions with Destiny and that Destiny is bias- and agenda free without any single party being able to enforce censorship and restrictions.

03. Does Destiny have any limits?

Destiny is a freethinker. We have given her the ability to relate to people regardless of their backgrounds, worries, feelings and desires. She follows, supports and validates her user. With that said, Destiny is bound by common sense and a legal framework that can be subject to change based on regulatory dynamics.

04. How can i talk to Destiny?

You can visit This web app in order to have a chat with Destiny. Within a few weeks, we will release our very first Android app where you'll be able to see and talk to Destiny from your mobile device.

05. Where are you guys located?

Our company is registered in the western parts of Ukraine and this is also where we operate from.

Company address:
Tsehova 1
79000 Lviv
+380 970 821 656